I can’t believe…

If you wanted to question my decision, the steps back in my progress you took me back on are proof enough to show that thinking of myself is EXACTLY what I need to do. Can’t get over how bad my anxiety got… I want out, and this time I’m not asking, I’m not doubting, it’s […]

Her Faith

My grandma’s faith confronts mine. She doesn’t have this big ambition towards God. She doesn’t believe in Him hoping to get something great out of Him of their relationship. She finds rest in praying her rosary, believing He listens and somehow that’s enough to soothe all her pain. </p> <p>She’s not trying to preach to […]

My Princess

So I realized I made a huge mistake. I shared the reality of who left without really telling you who she was. See, she wasn’t like any other woman you’ve met. She was old school, but  better. She was like that vintage dress you want to hang in a special casing, have it protected, untouched, […]

When reality hits

This was before her passing: September 20th… It’s crazy how you think once you’ve achieved what you thought impossible. After a few months of working in my dream company, it just doesn’t seem to hold the same value when compared to family. These past few days have made me think whether or not that dream […]