Meet Them Here: Sonar Zone

Full Name: Tim Thomson Artistic Name: Sonar Zone E-mail: Who is Sonar Zone? My name is Tim and I am a DJ and producer under the name Sonar Zone. I am also a partner is Deepsink Digital records. I also organise Dance for Justice ( ) A music event to raise money and awareness for Hope for […]

Meet Them Here: Jalisa Faye

Full Name: Jalisa Graham Artistic Name: Jalisa Faye E-mail: Who is Jalisa Faye? Jalisa Faye is a young, upcoming artist that loves God more than anything! Where are you originally from? Fort Lauderdale, Florida When did you start doing music? Well I started out dancing first from age 3 or 4, and then I began singing more often in church […]

Meet Them Here: Minor Prophets

Artistic Name: Minor Prophets E-mail: Who is Minor Prophets? LadyK and BobbyG Where are you originally from? We are based out of Fort Lauderdale. BobbyG is originally from The Bahamas, and LadyK is originally from The U.S. Virgin Islands When did you start doing music? We started in 2005 originally as a trio but became a duo in 2008. […]

Meet The Here: Stitch Early

Artistic Name: Stitch Early Full Name: Lorenzo Nichols Who is Stitch Early? Stitch Early is a breath of fresh air. STITCH is an acronym for “Spiritually Touching Individuals Through Christ’s Hands” Early. This is what I look to do through my music, inspire! Where are you originally from? I was born in Fayetteville, NC. My parents […]