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For immediate release: 5/15/17
Melissa Vargas

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Upcoming Eight-Day Festival in Midtown Miami to Showcase the New Miami

The Arts and Music festival, which will take place at the Parc in Midtown Miami, hopes to provide its attendees an opportunity to explore the different subcultures of what is now considered the new Miami. The festival, organized by Midtown Miami Magazine, will begin on May 19 and 20, continuing every Friday and Saturday until June 10. Each date will carry a different theme displayed not only by the musical performances, but by the guest artists and merchants on site.

The festival surely has something for everyone, and with all events being free to the community, it’s an opportunity no-one should miss. Artists of the caliber of sunghosts, afrobeta, DJ Danny Stern, and the French Horn Collective, will be present. Moreover, every event will showcase a local artist and/or photographer that embodies the theme of the event, including Wynwood Coloring Book, Skott Marsi, Tom as Lowey from Burning Man, and more. In addition to musical guests, there’ll be local vendors and fashion designers at each event, all representing the local Miami scene. Among the themes are Pop culture Miami, the Miami rock scene, Miami urban electronic movement and modern Motown.

Dimarco Barea, organizer of the event, hopes not only to showcase this new Miami, but give back to the community by partnering with a local non-profit. That is why a portion of the funds raised will be donated to the Live Brightly Foundation.

Festival’s themes:
May 19 – French in Miami
May 20 – Pop Culture Miami
May 26 – The Miami Rock Scene
May 27 – Alt-Miami
June 2 – Modern Motown
June 3 – Miami Urban Electronic Movement
June 9 – Freedom Culture
June 10 – Electronic Miami: Then and Now

Friday events start at 5 pm
Saturday events start at 12 pm.

The Parc (Courtyard) at the Shops in Midtown Miami
3401 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Fl 33127


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About Dimarco Barea, MA: 35-year-old social entrepreneur. Founder of Midtown Miami Magazine, a magazine of four years focused on the local millennial whose mission is to create social, cultural and economic impact to the city. He’s also the CEO of The Greenside Agency, an all digital strategy and marketing firm that develops organic & sustainable plans to make organizations grow. Ricardo’s heart behind all his endeavors is to showcase the heartbeat of Miami and gather the masses around it.