About Mel

Emmy and Promax Award-winning producer, Melissa Vargas is the founder of Artesanal Group™ (previously known as the MV Creative Agency™). She has over fifteen years experience in the event production industry and promoting events and artists in the Miami area. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Melissa has been part of the Miami culture as a writer, an event producer, a public relations expert, and even as a publicist and manager for local and international talent. As a journalist, her pieces have been published in several newspapers and local publications.

With over 10 years in the media industry, besides her work through Artesanal Group™ (now under a different name), Melissa has also hosted and produced several shows, including A Todo Color, a weekly radio show that broadcasts to all over Latin America through over 600 affiliate radio stations. She also blogs on different topics close to her heart in a blog after her name, Mel Vargas.

On a more personal note, and above all, Melissa’s greatest passion is God. Her faith is a driving force for everything she does and has done until now, both professionally and personally. She is originally from New York and was a dancer in her younger years; from ballet to modern dance, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and Latin dance including folkloric dance. She has a passion for both technology and fashion, showing a confident balance between her girly and her geeky side. Besides all of this, she is really a fan of great music and is always finding for new music enjoy and promote.