A Love Note To Myself

Sound easy right? To write something nice and cute, and hopefully inspiring to myself. But, if you know me, you know that’s not how I roll. My self-love journey has been happening in small increments, never would I dare to do something scary. I mean, isn’t that what we’ve been told? To do go step by step and little by little? I mean, yes, people talk about major leaps, but I’d never take one. NEVER!

Well, not until today at least. See, I decided to take one big leap and believe that I could have a different life. And that one big leap has unraveled a series of different leaps, which has only taught me that the best life is live in risk. Big o’ constant risk. And hey, that doesn’t mean I love it or I’m comfortable with it, but willing to pay the price to gain the prize is the way I want to live.

See, I’ve stopped myself from living the life I’ve dreamt of because of one reason and on reason only, and that’s been fear. How crappy is that? Realizing that the distance between the life you have and the life you dream has been created by you.

So, after many small leaps, here are my big leaps. These are the things I dreamt of for long. Here they are and what they mean:


This is a collection of poems written between the ages of 12 and 20. These are my innermost thoughts written with deep passion not just for love, but the human emotion. To be honest, I read these poems and I’m marveled at what I was able to imagine and create.


The moment of truth! This has been the scariest thing I’ve EVER done! This photoshoot was something I always wanted to do but was always so scared to do. The idea of bearing my body, even somewhat, was TERRIFYING! I couldn’t bear the thought of looking at pictures of my body, let alone share them with others.

So yes, this was a BIG leap! I can say I’m so glad I did this because, It was so much fun! I laughed like never before and I was surprisingly comfortable. Learning to love my body was the best experience and something I plan to continue to work on until my last day.

I’m so grateful for the people involved in this project who helped me feel comfortable and who made this possible. It was one of those projects that changed my life and opened up my eyes to so many possibilities. Like, once you’re comfortable being semi-naked walking around an apartment with top-to-bottom windows, you’re a different person. At the very least, you have more guts and a little more self-love, at the very LEAST!


This was exciting!!! After so much wishing, so much dreaming, so much wanting, there’s a podcast! This podcast is a huge part of my big dream and seeing this come to life really showed me that anything was possible. It also showed me how simple it is to make the jump into something that may be scary, but worth the jump EVERY time. I can’t wait for you guys to join the fun!

Thank you! Thank you for reading and being part of my self-love journey. You are the colors of this letter which enhance the beauty of what’s unfolding. Yes, super corny, I know, but it’s real. Learning to love yourself is a journey you truly enjoy when you are surrounded by people who are walking alongside you.

Hope you enjoy and can’t wait to hear what you experience with all of this!






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