ABA Therapy

According to Autism Speaks, ABA, or Applied Behavioral Analysis, is “a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.”

In other words, ABA Therapy is helping a child and their family identify, analyze, and modify behavior. This will help the child have better relationships and development into adolescence and adulthood.

At D & M Behavioral Solutions, we do this by working alongside every adult that interacts frequently with the child. This produces more effective results in a shorter timeframe and helps the adults involved have a more positive outlook on the child’s progression through ABA Therapy.

Though this is a type of therapy, it varies from others because it requires participation from others, not just the client or patient. That is why we work closely with the child’s family. A child’s environment has a profound impact on how they respond to stimuli, the behaviors they present, and how their patterns can be replaced over time.

Unlike other therapy types, ABA happens continuously as children move through their days. That is why we work with parents and other close relatives to equip them with tools to help their child exhibit less of the undesired behavior. We also encourage them to practice the new behavior.

Some ways ABA therapy can benefit a child is through improved communication, emotional regulation, better interpersonal relationships, minimizing destructive and unproductive behavior, better academic performance, and so much more.

The process for ABA therapy is:

  • Once you connect with a D & M team member, the family’s availability will be discussed to schedule an in-person assessment in your home.
  • We will make an assessment in order to create a treatment plan for the child with the family’s cooperation, which is crucial to its success.
  • Implementing the treatment plan will begin at the first visit, and we will make notes on each visit.
  • We will make adjustments to progress and goals continuously and communicated to the patient’s family in order to accommodate what’s being recorded each session.
  • Goals will continue to be adjusted as the child progresses. We will add items as new needs for improvement arise, in order to help the child be as connected and independent as possible.

We provide in-home ABA therapy because we truly believe the efficacy of this type of therapy for children affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is centered around their environment and the people surrounding them. It is there that we can see what comes before the behavior and how to better manage the behavior and what comes after it, all three things that make up the behavior in a child that we seek to replace.

Part of what makes ABA therapy so effective is that no two children may receive the same type of therapy because their behaviors are so personal. This helps the child and the family get the help they truly need and that will work for their specific case. This, coupled with ongoing assessment and treatment plan adaptation, ensures the child and their family receive on-time support to create more adaptive behaviors and produce better results in the child’s life and relationships.

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