About The Founder Idolidia Alvarez – LMHC, BCBA

About The Founder Idolidia Alvarez – LMHC, BCBA

Idolidia Alvarez has over 10 years of experience in the mental health industry. A Miami native and of Cuban descent, Alvarez’s extensive experience starts at Florida International University, where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences in Psychology. She continued with her studies and got a Master’s of Psychology in Mental Health Counseling from Carlos Albizu University. Since then, her passion has only increased. And it’s simple, she’s passionate about helping people transform from stuck, frustrated, with missing pieces in their lives, to blossomed individuals thriving with successful relationships in all the different spheres of their lives. But Alvares is not only a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she’s also a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. She expanded to behavior analysis to help clients with unwanted behaviors.

The journey has already given her a front-row seat to some amazing results. Like seeing a client’s progress from being non-verbal to pointing things out, to hearing them create and vocalize simple sentences. Other client results have been young clients passing grades who were struggling to stay afloat academically when they first started working together. This is especially meaningful to her overall purpose of entering this field. It solidifies her belief that you can learn from everyone, as she becomes a better professional through every client interaction.

Her style of therapy is to make every client feel as if they’re having a conversation with a friend. This makes all the results her clients see extra special, and there’s nothing better for her than to hear that her clients are seeing results through her services. In particular, she gives them her all in each session. For Alvarez, it’s all about serving her clients, so she’s amassed tools throughout her formative career years, and now she gets to use them to guide her clients to find a better life. When Alvarez officially started as a licensed mental health counselor, her commitment came from her joy of understanding people and helping them understand themselves. Now, as a behavioral analyst, her joy comes from helping children with behavioral issues and their families navigate their current state when they see changes in that child’s life. 

It is her dynamic combination that allows Alvarez to tailor her style to the client’s needs. This helps her provide the most effective therapy and analysis because her training, combined with her experience, enables her to have more at her disposal. This allows her to get her clients the results they’ve been looking for.

In 2022, Alvarez takes things further than she ever has by opening up D & M Behavioral Solutions, her very own practice. A place where she could focus on providing the highest quality services possible in South Florida, in an ethical, client-first approach. Here she combines all of her experience to give each session not only her all, but the expertise of her staff. She offers both mental health counseling and behavioral analysis services in her practice. The goal is to make D & M Behavioral Solutions the leading reference for South Florida mental health services and to prove that you can be successful and ethical at the same time while helping your community.

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