Biography – JT the Producer

Claudio Jose Torres, better known in the industry as JT The Producer, and just like his name, his career holds many secrets that have created a well-rounded career, until today.

Born in Washington Heights, New York, JT started early on in the music world by learning the piano. Like many Latin mothers, his mom would play music while doing house chores. This filled his world with different kinds of Spanish music and imprinted different genres on him early on. He resides now in Florida after a move in his young adult years to Pennsylvania.

From pianist, to dancer, to choreographer, JT moved through staple and current genres throughout his teens and into his early 20s. It was at 24 years old that he decided music would be his life, and his living.

As a producer, he’s participated in events like Flow fest in Mexico, J Balvin’s Neon Experience, Vibra Urbana Festival, and Baja Beach Fest. This year he was able to attend and participate in SXSW. His hope and ambition are to become the Spanish producer that can influence and promote as much new talent as possible while working with the great names of the Spanish industry today. Think Timbaland meets DJ Khaled meets David Guetta. 

JT handles a delicate combination of being a well-versed producer that can work in different genres Like merengue, salsa, and reggaeton, yet not being a jack of all trades. He’s mastered the art of producing different Latin genres while bringing in the influences of Hip Hop and RnB and other urban styles that are found in the streets of NYC. Lest we forget bachata and afro beats which are also part of his repertoire. You might think of it as a smooth street sound with a whole lot of flavor. 

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