Innovation in Times of Repetition

The saying goes “there’s nothing new under the sun”. And it certainly holds true for many things. One thing, though, we never thought it’d hold true for is social media. Unfortunately, now it does. What started out as one platform wanting to outperform or compete for attention, has now turned into a copycat situation that leaves every social media platform more and more like the rest. Except for the names given to their features, now the most popular social media platforms carry all the same features and look like clones with minimal variables.

The most recent copy comes from Twitter which now has Fleets, an obvious rip-off from Instagram’s stories. A feature Facebook took and incorporated to all of its platforms. But these aren’t original to Instagram, since the social media platform took the idea from Snapchat a few years ago. And Snapchat has also taken from Instagram’s reels with its new feature spotlight, which was Instagram’s way of competing with TikTok.

All this copying is for one reason only, to gather some of the engagement the platform being copied is enjoying. If a person is going to scroll through one app on their free app, every social media platform wants to ensure that it happens on their platform, even if it means copying features from other platforms to do so.

That’s what makes Tyket so special. Tyket is not copying other platforms, and there’s no other platform like Tyket. Here’s how.

First, Tyket’s users differentiate themselves through this: anyone can be a Tyket user, but no one that uses it is there without a reason. People come to Tyket to connect, but to connect with a purpose. Yes, friends follow each other, but they do so to finally answer the question “what’s going on tonight?”, which they can answer through our event finder. They can search for events together, make plans, buy tickets, and share their experience. All in one app.

But Tyket is also for artists. A place to discover new talent and support emerging artists grow. There they can showcase their art, connect with loyal and new fans, and connect with event producers that will open up new doors for them. These producers can search for talent and hire them right on the app, something they can’t do in any other mobile platform. Cue in blockchain technology and now transactions can take place on our platform with full transparency and without delay parties can be paid.

In a time when everything that exists in the social media space is a copy of a precious idea, we’re proud to provide a platform distinguished by its unique offer. Tyket is changing the entertainment industry, AND the social media game with its unmatched platform.

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