Wicker Outdoor Furniture is Making A Stylish Comeback

You’ve finally made the big decision to upgrade your outdoor patio and now are ready to go furniture shopping. With so many options available, making the big decision can be a challenge. Style, comfort, and durability are all on top of the list of things to look for in outdoor patio furniture. Not to worry, today we want to talk to you about wicker! Why wicker? Wicker outdoor furniture is timeless, long lasting, and versatile in terms of style.

The term wicker refers to a technique used to make furniture woven from a variety of materials. Our wicker collections take that technique a step further by utilizing nearly indestructible synthetic resin and vinyl materials that are handwoven on rustproof aluminum frames. All of our collations are specifically designed to withstand the test of time. The resin and vinyl not only make our collections much more durable against weather changes, but also against wear and tear. With our collections, you’re making an investment in your home and your family. This is the kind of furniture you’ll be proud to have for years to come, and the envy of all the guests you host.

Now, to give you a head start on your furniture search, here are our top wicker outdoor furniture collections.


Predominantly made of dark-toned wood and materials, the Avondale collection carries a more traditional look with all the elegance one expects from Fifth and Shore, a Carl’s Patio exclusive. Classic lines, refined finishes, familiar shapes make this collection the perfect fit for any home. This versatile collection features pieces made to fit small and large patios alike. If you’re looking for that familiar wicker look, the Avondale collection is for you.


The Patmos Dining and Patmos Seating collections were made for the modern home. With sharper edges and pieces made of more industrial materials like teak and concrete, this collection is designed with a more sophisticated feel in mind. Furniture pieces are available in dark brown or grey-white providing even more options to make your outdoor patio one of a kind. This wicker outdoor furniture collection’s woven-style construction is not just durable and stylish, It is comfortable. Whether spending time with family or friends, this collection is guaranteed to enhance the outdoor experience.


This transformative dining and seating collection have everything you need to take your patio from beautiful to breathtaking. With six-piece sectionals, dining and seating items, the Siesta collection has everything you need to entertain, host, and enjoy your loved ones. This collection, made in lighter tones, is perfect to showcase Florida weather and those astonishing sunny days. Switch your cushions to reflect special occasions, moods, seasons, and give your outdoor furniture new life as often as you desire.

With the look, style, and color options, choosing a wicker outdoor furniture collection that fits your style is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, or unique and versatile, we know there’s a collection that best suits your space. The durability, look and feel of wicker is unique and long-lasting. Come in today and let your senses decide.

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